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Our Noses never rest, and the Best Way to Maintain ours and our Children’s Respiratory Health is to take care of the Nasal Passages.

With Clenare Invisible Nasal Filters a Child's Sneezing, Coughing and Air Pollution related problems will be a thing of the Past. And we don't even have to Cover their Beautiful Faces with Bulky Anti-Social Face Masks.

Clenare Nasal Filter is a Small Device that sits Discreetly into the nostrils and passes Clean Filtered Air directly to them. It's so Soft that it's presence is hardly felt when worn and it's Transparent Body makes it difficult to spot with the Naked Eye.

One Child Pack Contains:

    • Discreet Nasal Filter Body
    • Free Replacement Filter Pre-loaded into the Body for use.
    • Additional Replacement Filters - 2 Pairs
    • Pocket Friendly Carrying Case
    • Complimentary Tweezers for Disassembly and Cleaning.
    • Precise Instruction Manual Sheet.
    • Easy to Use Assembly Disassembly Drawings.

    Note: To be Worn under Supervision of an Adult only.

    A Nasal Filter Made For You

    Soft and Sturdy

    Soft yet sturdy design ensures slight dilation which increases air intake per breath.

    Multiple Shapes

    Variety of sizes ensures good fit even for different shapes of nasal openings.

    Choice of Replacement

    Two kinds of replacement filters to choose from - Super Defence and Max Defence.

    Invisible Design

    Discrete and almost invisible design makes it practically impossible for it to be noticed while wearing.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Catherine Ann
    Good Product

    My child uses it daily during the ride to school and it's good.

    Maria Rodriguez
    Keeps protected from Pet Allergy

    James - My 9 year old is allergic to our pet dog. But as a child, naturally, he cannot keep himself away from playing with the dog. For that, this product has done wonders to us.

    Billy Shutters
    Wow. What an amazing device

    Wonderful. Very Effective. My daughter has been wearing it for a few days now and recently tried on her school day trip, and almost no one noticed.

    Fits Decently. Blessing for people with pollen allergy

    My son has severe pollen and house dust allergy and these filters work fine for him. His continuous sneezing has reduced. He uses it in school for 5 hours straight without adjusting. It's not completely invisible as a thin plasticky rubber line can be seen in between. Bit difficult in the beginning but you have to start by wearing it for 15 minutes and then gradually build on. Also one suggestion to the makers that have come from my son - if they can introduce black, silver or gold color as it would become a fashionable accesory for him then :)

    Catherine Ann
    Good Product

    My child uses it daily during the ride to school and it's good.