Clenare Invisible Nose Air Filters With Defense Against Air Dust, Pollen & Allergy

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Shaped for the nose
  • Soft Material for Comfortable fit
  • Flexibility Inbulit
  • Medical Grade Material
  • FDA approved
  • BPA & Phthalate & free



  • Electrostatic Filter which attracts airborne particles
  • Stops PM2.5, PM10, Vehicle Exhaust
  • Airborne Viruses, Dust and Allergens
  • Lowest Air Resistance and Minimum Restriction to Air Flow
  • Protection up to 15 Days with one pair

Understanding the Size of Air Pollutants and Pathogens

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Wearing them with a Heavy Duty Mask like N95 or N99 can really increase protection but it will increase suffocation and breathing difficulty also. It would be a better scenario if it's worn with a lighter device like a Simple Dust mask, Surgical Mask or Cloth Mask. Clenare Nasal Filters can also be combined with face shields for Good Results.

Make sure your hands are clean and washed. Place the filter element on your thumb and index finger. Push one side into one nostril and then push the other side into the other nostril. Make sure the connecting band is facing down at all times.

Clenare Filters should fit comfortably inside the nose with equal pressure on all sides of the nostril (adjust by pushing it in or out for optimal comfort and fit).

Just pull gently on the connecting band and it's out.

Yes, the Clenare Nasal Filters are Reusable and only the inner Replacement filters need to be Replaced after a few days.

You can wear them all day long but we recommend putting them on especially when stepping into allergic, dust and polluted areas, indoors or outdoors. Do not use the filter in case you have a running nose or any nasal passage irritation/congestion. Remove before going to sleep.

The medium size can fit most people. But if you have any doubt, then buy the 3-in-1 Family pack which comes with Small, Medium and Large sizes. Use the one which suits your family member best.

Clenare products will be available at your nearest pharmacy soon. They are available on for Indian Buyers and for International Buyers. You may also purchase from Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, 1mg, Ebay.

Clenare Nasal Filters provide instant, drug-free relief from Air pollution, allergies and more. They also increase airflow, thereby improving your health and physical performance.

Remove the Replacement filter element from inside and dip the body in warm water for 5 minutes to sterilize. You may wash the body with running cold water also.

Instant relief from Polluted Air, Pollen, Allergies and no side effects of medication or drugs!

The Life of the Nasal Filter Body is upto 4 years and it should be dismantled and cleaned with running water every few days.
The Life of Replacement filters is about 10 days and you should reload a fresh pair after that.
You may use the filter from a few hours a day to continuous use all day, but we recommend removing it before going to sleep.

One Nasal Filter, One Complementary Pre-Installed Replacement Filter, One Instruction Sheet, One Transparent Carrying Case, One Pair of Tweezers for Dismantling.

As the filter turns dark, it becomes difficult to breathe. That is when you should replace it.

Step 1: Using the tweezers given in the box, grip the black retainer in the tweezers and pull it out
Step 2: Once both the retainers are out, repeat the process to take out the replacement filters as well
Step 3: Take a fresh pair of replacement filters from the pack sold separately and place them correctly in the housing
Step 4: Using the tweezers, place the replacement filter as per the shape of the housing with the mesh part downwards and cotton part of the replacement filter upwards
Step 5: Put the black retainer ring back into the body and see that it locks under all four lock points in the body
Step 6: Insert the Nasal Filter with the newly installed replacement filters into your nostrils. Enjoy

All orders are shipped with Super Defense Replacement Filters only and that is the protection you deserve. However if you want to go for lighter protection with more breathability than normal, then you may choose the white Max Defense Nasal Filter Separately.