Modern day air pollution has become an unfortunate reality of our lives today. Often times it feels like we are living inside a gas chamber. It seems like every time we turn on the TV or the internet, there is some mention of PM 2.5 and PM 10 pollution. These particles, due to their small size cannot be naturally stopped by our bodies. With our lungs unable to filter them out, they end up in our bloodstream eventually reaching our heart amongst other organs.

The natural human body is not designed to inhale such dangerous pollutants. This is why there is an increase in the number of respiratory diseases and associated conditions all across the world. The number of asthma patients has increased by two-folds in the recent 2-3 years.

In such a scenario if only we could fashion a device that could filter out the air at our nose itself? Why the nose? Cause that’s where 95% of all incoming air passes through.

Whenever we step out of the house, it feels like we need some sort of a mask to protect ourselves. But we already know that masks have so many problems as a filtration product, many people are not comfortable having half of their face covered with a mask. The feeling of claustrophobia is too much, leaking of air, fogging of spectacles and re-inhaling of bad breath are just some of the many issues that plague mask users.

To prevent such discomforts, Clenare decided to launch Discreet and Almost Invisible Nose Air Filters. These Nasal Filters help filter out the air directly from within our Nostrils without having to cover our faces. And with no trouble in breathing, talking & eating etc., we are finally liberated from bulky face masks and their associated problems. Our Nose Air filters provide the Perfect Defense against many pollutants present in the air, including pollen, allergens, vehicle exhaust and more.

The bonus to all this is that Clenare Filters do all this without even being visible!!

The filters have been designed with a natural and flexible shape that allows a comfortable fit and also seals the nasal passage against air pollutants.

The nasal air filters are available in various sizes so that they fit different nose shapes and everyone gets a comfortable fit. We also included a carrying case, special tweezers and an instruction sheet with each filter so that you have no trouble using the device.

What We Do

Clenare is trademark of ECT. ECT is an Engineering Organization working constantly by innovating and designing new solutions for Modern Day Problems. Under the Clenare Brand we shall bring to market Innovative Products, which are Radical New Solutions to common problems of today. Clenare shall bring to the forefront work done in the space of Environmental Sciences and Engineering which helps in improving the living standards of People.