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Until Now the only way to Protect Ourselves from Air Pollution, Pollen & Allergens was to buy Hefty Expensive Air Purifiers or put on Bulky Face Masks. Not Any More!!

Clenare Nasal Filter is a Small Device that sits Discreetly into the nostrils and passes Clean Filtered Air directly to them. It's so Soft that it's presence is hardly felt when worn and it's Transparent Body makes it difficult to spot with the Naked Eye.

Pack of Three Contains:

    • Discreet Nasal Filter Bodies
    • All 3 Sizes - Small + Medium + Large
    • Free Replacement Filter Pre-loaded into the Body for use.
    • Additional Replacement Filters - 9 Pairs
    • Pocket Friendly Carrying Case
    • Complimentary Tweezers for Disassembly and Cleaning.
    • Precise Instruction Manual Sheet.
    • Easy to Use Assembly Disassembly Drawings.


    Clenare Nasal Filter blocks particles down to size PM0.3 & PM0.1, and also have the benefit of blocking many microbes including bacteria & viruses which can be of variable sizes.

    The Clenare Nasal Filters come with a Special Electrostatic Nano Fiber Material which can be replaced every few days. Once Saturated the Replaceable Filter Media turns black and then it should be replaced with a Fresh Pair. Our Fiber Material has been Lab Tested in USA with the following results:

    • VFE (Virus Filtration Efficiency) – Upto 50%
    • PM10 Filtration – 97%
    • PM2.5 Filtration – 90%
    • BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) – Upto 90%
    • Dis-Infects – Yes
    • Gas – 23%


    To find the right fit for yourself we recommend following a simple 1 step guide below.

    Shape – Nasal Openings can be Long and Oval or Short and Round
    a. If your Nasal Openings seems Oval – Choose Slotted
    b. If your Nasal Openings seem Round – Choose Round

    Note: If you are not sure about your shape being either Oval or Round, then we suggest you to go with Slotted Shape (this size fits well to most wearers and we will do a free replacement if there is still any fitment issue)

    A Nasal Filter Made For You

    Soft and Sturdy

    Soft yet sturdy design ensures slight dilation which increases air intake per breath.

    Multiple Shapes

    Variety of sizes ensures good fit even for different shapes of nasal openings.

    Choice of Replacement

    Two kinds of replacement filters to choose from - Super Defence and Max Defence.

    Invisible Design

    Discrete and almost invisible design makes it practically impossible for it to be noticed while wearing.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Rod Tuhoro

    Hi, I have not received them yet so cannot comment

    Glen Scott
    Great product

    I use it when travelling, it filters the vehicle smoke / air pollution and one can breathe well. Other pollution masks with elastic bands are too tight.

    Janine Tymoszuk
    Product is ok. Very slow delivery

    The product itself is ok. However. I am finding it not as easy to breathe with it in. I understand the nature of the product but I am finding myself needing to take a breath via my mouth here and there to get enough oxygen in.

    I was however kept waiting a horrendously long time for them to come. I understand that there is a pandemic on but I have managed to get orders from other countries without this long of a wait during this time. This has left me very hesitant to order any replacement filters of this product.

    Customer service was great and the product is alright. However I think I will shop around for something else that fits my needs better.

    Dear Janine,

    We can always replace the size for you. Please email us on and elaborate on the exact issue that you faced with our product. We shall be happy to help you with the correct size.

    Team Clenare

    Mark Davis
    Never received the product

    I never received the product. It was such a small amount it's probably not worth my time to dispute the charge. But if I have extra time and the urge strikes me, I may do so. Since I never got your product, I obtained First Defense nasal screens and was happy with them. So I doubt we'll be doing business in the future, except I'll be sure to mention my experience in my review on FB.

    Mr. Mark,

    We truly regret the delay of your order and we are sorry it has not reached you by now.
    We have raised a case with DHL to understand where the package has reached by now.
    In case we cannot resolve the issue by a week then we shall ship you a new package.
    Request your patience and cooperation.Thank You

    Team Clenare

    Good. But delivery took unexpectedly long

    It is an economical alternative for all other costly smog masks and air purifiers.