October 26, 2021 2 min read

What is a Nose Filter?

Nose Filter is a device that does the work of filtering the air entering through our Nasal Passages (Medical Term: Nares). Its primary aim is to help filter out the air directly from within our nostrils without having to cover our faces. A Nose Filter gives no trouble in talking, eating, drinking etc and one finally feels liberated from bulky Face Masks and feeling sweaty while wearing those, especially now in these peak summer months. Nose Filters come in various sizes and should be selected based on how it fits an individual’s nose shape in order to fit perfectly.

How do Nose Filters work?

Nose filters allow you to filter most types of airborne particles to a high degree when inhaled via your nose. Those particles may include many airborne viruses such as the flu-virus, other viruses and even the deadly coronavirus.

The effectiveness of the filtration depends on the diameter of the particle, airflow and quality of the application of the filter among many other factors. Viruses are typically more difficult to filtrate because of its nature of having a very small diameter. One has to be aware that there is no way to have 100% filtration of particles because if such a filter were designed, that would make it impossible for anyone to breathe through it. Therefore, there has to be a balance between the level of filtration and the ability for the user to breathe in comfortably. Having said that, Nose Filters do provide a very high degree of filtration; while keeping breathability levels also in check.

Theoretically, the filters can effectively reduce exposure to breathable particulate matter that includes viruses, even though the filtration level is lower than most types of particulate matter due to the extremely small size of the virus. However, direct studies are needed to further investigate this assumption.

Effectiveness of Nose Filters

To summarize, Nose Filters have the potential to be a good additional step for you to add one more layer of protection against airborne viruses.

Clenare Nasal Filters are tested in International Labs like Nelson Labs and have been found to have Virus Filtration Efficiency of upto 50%. Their direct effectiveness against allergens and general particulate matter is researched and documented. Hence, it is definitely much better to wear this extra layer of protection than certain other commercial devices available in the market which offer little to no particulate filtration when applied

You can wear Clenare Nasal Filter as a mask to protect yourself from Airborne Threats including viruses like COVID-19 also.

Masks are tested at different test standards and Nasal Filters cannot be tested in the same way, but the filter efficacy of Nasal Filters is at par if not superior to N95 Masks.

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