June 18, 2022 2 min read

History is witness to the fact every revolutionary action was triggered by one person. Global acts to curb pollution are nothing short of a revolution. The question is, where do we stand in it? How significant can one individual’s role be towards a greener future? It’s like this - We all love to ride. Feel the air. But who likes to intake pollution? Nobody. But what are we doing to avoid it? Most probably, Nothing. The time is to act now before we start repenting. Below are a few tips to reduce the intake of pollution for the sake of your healthy lungs.


  • Ditch the automobile twice a week and take public transportation for your daily commuting. Ride your bike or just walk if your office is close by. Carpool for longer journeys. If each of us follows this practice regularly, the emissions will reduce to a great extent. Plan your daily errands beforehand and then head out to complete them in a single trip. Park the vehicle and walk around if your destination is nearby. When the street is crowded with heavy traffic, try not to have the engine running.
  • Maintain medium acceleration pace while in transit. By doing that, the vehicle consumes less gas and emits less exhaust. Drive carefully on unpaved roads or on dirt surfaces. No one appreciates a cloud of dust. Ensure you turn off the vehicle at signals, parking or while waiting for someone.
  • Use a Nasal Filter. Wearing a nasal filter encourages breathing through the nose and filters and humidifies the air before it enters our lungs. The filter prevents impurities from entering our lungs, it has none of the flaws of a facemask and it’s small, easy and convenient to carry wherever you go. It does its job with complete effectiveness in keeping the polluted air at bay. With a nasal filter at your disposal, you need not worry about the many irreversible damages that vehicular pollution can cause to our lungs.


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