November 07, 2021 2 min read

In India we celebrate countless festivals and there are so many rituals and traditions associated with them. There are so many different aspects to each of our festivals where different communities come together to celebrate ritually diverse festivals. Each festival in India has its own significance and is religiously marked by various practices.

While the season of festivities brings with it a reprieve from the daily grind, we also contribute enough to harm the environment and pollute the surroundings while we get so immersed in enjoying the festivities.

Apart from the Noise Pollution that the festivities bring along with it, the air we breathe in becomes extremely unsafe. The recent festival of Diwali has left India’s National Capital - the city of New Delhi in toxic smog and the most dangerously polluted air of the year so far. The revelers defied a fireworks ban which led the city to wake up to grey skies as air quality dipped to hazardous levels.

Despite a ban, people across the city burst firecrackers on this festival of Lights. The fireworks worsen the air quality as low wind speeds trap the pollutants in the lower atmosphere. Apart from releasing toxic gases, bursting of crackers every year leads to an alarming rise in the level of Respirable Suspended Particulate Material (RSPM) in the air. RSPM are minute particles that contribute to various health issues including asthma and bronchitis. Vehicular and industrial emissions, dust and weather patterns also contribute in worsening pollution levels.

New Delhi as it is has the worst air quality in comparison to all world capitals, but this season’s reading was an eye-opener as people paid the price for inhaling the most lethal air. What makes matters worse is that Diwali mostly falls in a period when farmers in the neighbouring states burn crop stubble left after harvesting to prepare their fields for the next crop.

So what best can be done to safeguard our lungs from inhaling the badly polluted air? BEING PREPARED is the answer.

We must ensure we are taking all kinds of precautions so we don’t have to think twice before stepping outside our homes for our everyday chores with the fear of respiratory diseases like asthma, emphysema, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer and other respiratory infections.

Wearing a Nose Filter does exactly that and more. It protects our lungs and prevents harmful particles from entering our organism as the pollutants in the air get caught in the filter. So, wearing Clenare Nasal Filters should be seen as a practical solution to the dangerous levels of air pollution around us. It will keep the worst polluted air away.

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