March 13, 2020 2 min read

What are Nasal Filters?

Any device that does the work of filtering the Air entering through your Nasal Passages (Medical Term: Nares) is known as a Nasal Filter. It can look like anything from a small tape fixed outside your nostrils to a small triangular box held onto your nose by elastic bands which fit around your ear. Whatever the design their primary aim is to filter the air entering your nose.

Why do we need Nasal Filters?

Research has shown that use of Nasal filters can bring targeted relief in case of breathing problems than general products available in the market. The need of Nasal Filters also arises due to shortcomings in the design of present products.

Let’s take the case of masks. Available in wide variety and shapes, they tend to leak air from various places. The curvature between the nose and cheek is a major area from where air escapes. This not only allows for polluted air to get inside but exhaling also causes the spectacles to get fogged up and moist. The constant exhaling of air into the mask also causes us to re-inhale bad breath and air with bad odor. Add to this partial coverage of the face, it becomes difficult to identify one and close ones. At times it becomes difficult to know who we are approaching and what they may be saying until we haven’t come very close to them. Worrying and troublesome at times.

Eating, drinking and talking with face masks is a real pain. Muffled voice and unclear tone are all a result of masks covering the face. And if we have to keep taking them off and on again and again, then it basically becomes a nuisance. All in all, they are cumbersome and not very effective.

On the other end, we have Air Purifiers. These are expensive, bulky and cannot be moved around much. Transporting them between rooms also becomes cumbersome let alone taking them out with.

Then we have Car Air Purifiers, they need electricity to run and are a bit bulky too. They cannot be used when you leave your car. Stepping out for a few minutes from the car leaves us unprotected and inhaling pollution.

Clenare Nasal Filters fit discreetly to your nose and keep you protected when you walk, sit or even when lying down. When at home or going out, Clenare can protect you better than most masks and filters available in the market.

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