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The global Coronavirus outbreak dominated headlines this week. One can observe the great deal of anxiety, scare and worry that Coronavirus has caused. But what exactly is Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus is a family of viruses that can cause a range of illnesses in humans including common cold, running nose, cough and more severe forms of illnesses like SARS/ MERS cause which may be life-threatening too.

The disease caused by Coronavirus is called COVID-19 and the Virus itself is called SARS-CoV-2.

Slowly and steadily, this Epidemic has spread across the world. But there are no vaccines that are currently available for its cure. Hence the strongest weapons we have are basic preventive measures that we all must follow.

World Health Organization recommends people take these simple precautions against Viruses to reduce our chances of exposure and transmission. To abide by these for our own good health is the needs of the hour:

  1. Washing Hands: While washing your hands, must use an alcohol-based rub or a soap and water to kill the pathogen. Lather your hands well and do this frequently.
  2. Covering Coughs: Use a tissue or your bent elbow, to cover your cough. This keeps virus-infected droplets away from those around you. If you use a tissue, dispose of it quickly and safely in a covered bin and then wash your hands again.
  3. Social Distancing: Stay at least 1 meter away from people who're coughing or sneezing to avoid inhaling droplets. While exchanging pleasantries, one should avoid shaking hands to say hello. Instead say ‘Namaste’, how it is done in India.
  4. Avoid Touching your Face: If the virus has contaminated your hands after contact with another surface, it can infect you through your eyes, nose or mouth. So refrain from touching yourself with your hands as much as you can.
  5. Usage of Filters and Masks offer some protection: Nasal Filters and Face masks offer some protection as they block liquid droplets. Wearing a filter can help limit the spread of some respiratory diseases. However, using a them alone is not guaranteed to stop infections. Their use should be combined with other preventive measures. However, they may not block smaller aerosol particles which can pass through the material of the filtration device you use.

By following the hygiene measures stated above, you can help reduce your risk and do your part to protect others. These are all basic protections that should be used everyday.

In addition to this, below is a link which gives you an idea where the virus is spreading on a daily basis. This will help you plan your travel. The line count in it keeps changing as and when it gets updated.

Stay Safe, Stay Protected and Stay Happy!!

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