March 13, 2020 2 min read

There are many types of anti-pollution masks available today. In many industrialized countries, in fact, seeing people going around wearing a dust mask has become a common observance. It has become a part of our daily lives to wear some of the other types of the anti-pollution mask to protect ourselves from the rising levels of pollution all around the world. A nasal filter is a relatively new device that you can wear directly in your nose. It is about the size of a contact lens, but it performs like a miniature air filter.

A nasal filter can actually save your life. Several clinical trials have shown that the use of these mini nasal filters inhibits pollen allergies and people using these nasal filters reported a substantial reduction in the severity of their symptoms. Change of season brings about a host of problems for those who suffer from allergies. You cannot possibly stay cooped up indoors all the time, but stepping outside results in feeling miserable and having to fight off pollen allergies. 

Nasal filters are known to lower daily sneezing by an average of 45% and also reduces the occurrence of a daily runny nose by nearly 12%. It also reduces the chances of having itchiness in your nasal passages. During these clinical trials, it was found that nasal filters were highly effective in reducing daily nasal symptoms as compared to a placebo. These filters drastically reduce the occurrence of itching, sneezing, and a runny nose – the primary symptoms that wreak havoc when you suffer from allergies.

These tiny nasal filters reduce your inhalation of substances that trigger off allergies, such as pollen, mites, and other irritants. Broadly speaking, nasal filters can save your life by:

• Reducing your exposure to allergens
• Reducing your exposure to dust
• Reducing your exposure to mites
• Reducing your exposure to pollution
• It improves the quality of air intake in a safe and comfortable manner

Even if you wear them indoors, these filters work at preventing an allergic reaction caused by pet dander as well. 

Wearing a dust mask or an anti-pollution mask makes many feel uncomfortable as it covers half of the face. Many also feel claustrophobic at wearing these dust masks. Nasal filters are so tiny that you will not feel uncomfortable in wearing them. They are also made from transparent material, thus preventing them from standing out on your face. This makes it discreet and at the same time, comfortable to wear as well.

These nasal filters have also been proven to be effective in reducing the occurrence of hay fever. This is because depending on the filter’s density, it is capable of blocking many particles in the air, including pollen from grass, which is the most common cause of hay fever. 

By opting for these nasal filters, you can also avoid resorting to medications to manage your allergies and instead have a practical solution which is not just comfortable, but it is also less obvious and cosmetically appealing as compared to the anti-pollution masks.

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