March 13, 2020 1 min read

Today, our cities are extremely polluted and the situation is getting worse day by day. The worst affected are our children and the elderly.

Infact, the dangerous effects of air pollution might just start even in the womb.

The quality of food, air, water and mental health the mother keeps, determines the overall health of the foetus. The baby breathes, eats and drinks through the mother. The blood that flows in the mother's body supplies nutrition to the foetus.

The pollution in a city is mainly comprised of PM2.5 and PM10 particles that penetrate the blood stream and get embedded into the blood. The same blood is the life carrier to the unborn foetus.

So how can you prevent it? Well, a simple preventive measure is buying face masks, air purifiers and nasal air filters for the mother-to-be. While temporary, it provides fresh air that the mother can breathe and it controls the effects of pollutants around her.

Nasal filters come in many shapes and sizes and the mother can choose the one most suited to her according to her height and shape of the nostrils.

It is a small investment and might just help the baby fight the effects of this dangerous calamity.

While the best thing to do for all of us is to remove the sources of pollution and make our environment pure again, it is a long drawn battle. The best hope for our unborn is a nasal filter. Sad, but it is the hard truth of our lives today.

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